Who I am


I am a registered clinical social worker with over twenty years experience. I have been recognized for my integrity with clients and peers.

I began working in child welfare in 1987. I have worked front line doing investigations, assessments and long term counselling with families. I have worked on the Sexual Abuse Treatment Team with individuals and groups. I was a manager for both Children’s Services and Family Service Teams.

I struggle with Fibromyalgia and consequently have an intimate knowledge of chronic pain and the strategies that may help to make it more manageable.

I began meditating in 1968. I completed the TM Siddhi’s Program, an advanced meditation course, in 1980 and have studied T’ai Chi, Chi Kung and Shamanic journeying.

Positive Remarks

Clients describe me as professional, compassionate, and caring. They also report that they find me sincere, friendly and that they feel very comfortable in the sessions. Peers have told me that they find me gentle and fair.

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